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Ibm chpid mapping tool

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HCM can prepare an IOCP file as input to the CHPID Mapping Tool (CMT) in order to add or update PCHIDs to this IOCP for XMP processors. You can download. CHPID Mapping Tool. If you've recently ordered an IBM Z server, use this tool to get ready for system installation by customizing its CHPID assignments in. This document provides guidance in the use of the CHPID Mapping Tool for IBM z14 (z14), IBM LinuxONE Emperor II (Emperor II), IBM z13s.

Select IOCP Input File Source Temporary AID Values Assigned window. CHPID Mapping Tool window after project creation. Starting from z9 processors, a software tool, known as the CHPID Mapping Tool or CMT, has to be used at the processor installation time for assigning Physical.

Before you can successfully build a production IODF, correct PCHIDs are required in the configuration for XMP processors. The task of adding or updating . It is the customer's responsibility to perform these assignments by using HCD/ IOCP definitions and the CHPID Mapping Tool (CMT). Using CMT. How to interact with the CHPID Mapping Tool. Correct PCHIDs are required in the configuration for XMP processors before you can successfully build a.

Using the IOCP data set as input for the CHPID Mapping Tool. HCD will allow generating an IOCP deck that does not contain any or all necessary PCHID values. Obtaining the CHPID Mapping Tool and CFReport Order File.. 5. Download the CHPID Mapping Tool (or an Upgraded Version) 5.

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